October 1, 2023
Popular December Global Holidays

Popular December Global Holidays Throughout The World

There are many people around the world who have celebrated various global holidays of December or are taking part in celebrations of different cultures and eating delicious food. This article will discuss several of the top well-known holiday celebrations of December across the globe. We will also discuss the significance of these holidays and the reasons why they’re observed. If you think about December one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is the holiday season because many countries around the world have holidays during December. It could be by decorating their homes or celebrating with their families.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is on of the most popular holidays. The holiday is celebrated as a global holiday in December on December 24. It is celebrated on a different day every year as it is built in Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendars. According to the tradition, Mary and Joseph traveled between Nazareth to Bethlehem to take part in an annually scheduled Roman census. In Bethlehem, Mary was the mother of Jesus. There are many customs that are associated with Christmas Eve. It is a time to exchange presents and display Nativity sceneries in the homes and churches. There are also people who eat food such as Sweet potato soup (made by using marshmallows). Also, divinity fudge is a popular dessert at dinnertime. They are typically served with eggnog. A popular tune played during certain festive Christmas occasions can be Silent Night, recorded over 1 million times.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is an annual celebration of Christ’s birth Jesus Christ. It is celebrated most often on the 25th of December, as a religious and a cultural celebration that is celebrated by millions of people across the world. Although many countries adhere to Christian traditions, the customs could differ widely from one nation to country. For instance, Russia celebrates Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Alongside, it is a time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. It is also a time to exchange gifts and enjoy a festive dinner. These gatherings are referred to as Christmas family reunions or Christmas dinners. A variety of different kinds of plants and trees are used to celebrate Christmas. The kind of plant used will vary. In accordance with regional tradition. The most popular evergreen trees are pine, spruce and fir cedar, blue spruce red cedar, as well as Scotch pine.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is an official holiday observed on the 26th of December in a few countries. It includes Canada along with Great Britain. The origins of this holiday date back to the 17th century England. Employers would present their employees presents during Christmas Day. Also, they would keep a box for them to display their talents of gratitude for their employees. Some people may be thinking of Boxing Day as more of an event for business. Others see it as an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and relatives! Whatever way you view it, you must live in a place that Boxing Day is celebrated. I wish you a Happy Holiday. Have fun celebrating the holidays during December. Stay warm and enjoy plenty of delicious food!

New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve isn’t just a day of celebration, it is also a celebration. It is usually celebrated on the 31st of December. The day that ends the year. It is the day when people exchange gifts, and eat special dinners. From 2000 onwards, numerous nations have seen the celebration of New Year’s Eve to be an a chance to rid the environment of pollutants. There are a variety of parties held across the globe during New Year’s Eve. In the midnight hours, there are fireworks all over the globe that are lit up for only a short time.

December is a month that is popular for celebrations. It is a fascinating change from one season another. The December holidays are Advent Sunday, Santa Lucia Day, Winter Solstice. and Christmas Eve, Saint Nicholas Day and Boxing day/New Year’s Eve/New Year’s day. Every December the entire family gets together for a celebration with drinks and food. Some go on winter vacations or watch winter sports. For example, skiing or snowboarding during the Christmas break of school. You can also work throughout the year beginning in December.


Kwanzaa is a celebration of the holiday season that celebrates African traditions and cultures. It was created in the year 1966 through a black nationist Ron Karenga. The idea was to have an unforgettable African-American holiday around Christmas. Kwanzaa is founded on seven pillars that include unity, self-determination as well as collective work. and responsibility as well as cooperative economics, a sense of motivation, creativity and faith. In Swahili Kwanzaa is the name for first fruits , or the beginning of the season. The day is celebrated from the 26th of December 26 until January 1


Hanukkah is celebrated during November (from December 24 until January) by those of the Jewish faith around the world. It’s a time to honor and commemorate one of Judaism’s most significant historical individuals, Judah Maccabee. On Hanukkah (also called Chanukah), Jews light menorahs that look like candelabras. Also, seven-branched lamps are lit to celebrate the holiday of eight days. In the course of this holiday, they were able to restore and rededicate their sacred temple. Today, Hanukkah has become a universal holiday. It is a holiday that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes lighting candles and enjoying delicious and delicious food items such as potatoes pancakes (latkes). Many people love Hanukkah because it gives them the opportunity to think about Jewish traditions and history. In addition, they give gifts to loved ones and friends.

Hmong New Year

Hmong New Year Hmong New Year, also known as Hmoob Thaum Nyua takes place between December 22 and January 1 of each year. It’s a chance for family and friends to get together. and have fun through Hmong meals and other entertainment. For example, singing, dancing games of volleyball, and parades and costumes. Dragons, too, all mark Hmong the New Year in the calendar of the most exciting worldwide celebrations. Millions of people from all over the world go to Laos to take part in the festivities every year. Even those staying at home can enjoy a special mooncake made of sticky rice. Similar to the ones you’d find at Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s a great method to bring your families and friends together at any time of the year!

Universal Human Rights Day

In essence, Universal Human Rights Day aims to recognize that all persons have rights. No matter what nation they reside in. It is celebrated on the 10th day of December each year. A few of these rights include freedom from torture as well as the right to be free from slavery. Other rights that are more specific could differ based on the location or country. However, there are universal rights to human rights which are respected by almost every person in one capacity or other capacity. This includes the right to vote and freedom of speech, the right to life, religion and security for the individual. Whatever you would like to be!

Enjoy a toast to the holiday on the 10th of December. It is possible to participate as a host for an event hosted with Amnesty International. If you’re so inclined. or celebrate your birthday with your loved ones (who are likely to enjoy having a drink with them!). You can also do nothing Whatever you decide to celebrate is entirely up to you. Sometimes, being silent is among the most powerful things we can do.


Festivus is an unofficial holiday that is celebrated on the 23rd of December. The celebration is celebrated annually by the cast of the TV show Seinfeld. The show’s viewers see it as a substitute for more traditional family holiday celebrations. It was first created through Frank Costanza, George’s father. In the conversation with his son, he appeared in the episode Seinfeld called The Strike.

In Festivus legend, a pole is replaced by a tree, and it is decorated only by a simple star made of aluminum. As opposed to Christmas trees, there aren’t any decorations allowed on the poles of Festivus aside from pine cones that are not adhesive and tinsel, which the participants have to make themselves. The custom of Festivus starts when the entire community gathers around to share stories of the year that they have just completed. A man by the name of Feats is erecting a pole made of metal instead of the traditional Christmas tree. Feats says I’ve bought a bargain for some rights-man-made sticks. With much debate, George declares himself Festivus King for the 23rd of December. This irritates his wife to the point that she tells him to not repeat the same thing next year. It’s one of the most sought-after holidays in December. Global Holidays.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is celebrated every year on the day of the 7th of December. to remember the people who perished in Japan’s surprise attack. A lot of Americans observe an hour of silence at 12:30 at night local time. The president Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the 7th of December as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. The day came after thousands of people in Hawaii were able to watch American ships explode in flames in the aftermath of an unexpected Japanese air strike. It is considered to be one of the largest destructive wars ever, Japan’s invasion has claimed more than 2400 civilian and military lives, as well as causing $2 billion of destruction for the U.S.

The feast that celebrates St. Nicholas

How better to mark the holiday season than by having another celebration? On the weekend of December 6 and 7 everyone around the world praised St. Nicholas. The name is also used to refer to Santa Claus. There are a few variations in the tale of Santa Claus in time and location. The majority of communities agree that there was a bishop who was dressed in red and distributed gifts to children on the night of December 6. In certain areas, but it is not the case in other areas. It’s a custom for children to put their shoes near their beds in order they can rest assured that St. Nicholas will give them snacks while they rest. If you’re wondering what we can get him to Santa Claus, well. We don’t know. Many different stories try to explain the phenomenon. Whatever you believe regarding St.

The First Day of Winter

For Americans winter typically begins on the 21st of December around 6:22 AM Eastern Standard Time. The majority of Northern Hemisphere nations recognize Winter Solstice. It is also often referred to as it is the First Day of Winter, in December 21st or 22nd. In 2080, the astronomers are expected to mark the Winter Solstice on December 22. Because of a leapyear, each year, a second addition is added to UTC. You might be thinking about the significance of astronomy to the holiday season. Take a look at how long it’s been since you watched your previous Yule Log video. Today is the day of celebration and celebrations ranging from corporate parties to lavish dinners for a variety of people around the world. Many businesses around the world have large open house events to celebrate the special holidays of December. Also, I hope you enjoyed our article on the December Global Holidays.

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