October 1, 2023
IP Scanner Tools

11 Best IP Scanner Tools for Network Management

One of the most difficult tasks for administrators of networks is managing an IP scanner and IP address. It gets more complex when you work in an enterprise with thousands of network are linked.

The process of managing IP scanner and IP addresses in the spreadsheet isn’t a lot of work. It can get complicated when you’re dealing with thousands of IP scanner and IP addresses.

Let’s look at the tools.

Free IP Scanner

A portable and lightweight scanning device for IP can scan hundreds of computers at a time.

It is compatible with Windows OS and powered by multi-thread scanning technology.

This program is capable of giving NetBIOS information like hostname, workgroup, and more. There is the option to save the results as the form of a file.


OpUtils is an IP switch port and switch addresses management program that assists engineers identify, troubleshoot and manage IT resources effectively. It analyzes IPv6 and IPv4 subnets to find the available and utilized IP addresses.

OpUtils also scans switches in your network, connects your devices’ ports to the switch and provides information on locations, users, etc. This can help you detect any intrusions on your device and act as a blockage to their access.

It lets you track the bandwidth consumption of your network and make reports on bandwidth utilization for a variety of parameters. The software also plans CISCO backups of config files to upload or download and comparing other versions of the startup and running configuration files.

By using LAN tools using LAN tools, you can automate or manually restart the machines that are not within your network. You can build a visual illustration of SNMP IP nodes using SNMP tools by looking at the MIB snapshot (Management Information Base) and request SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) devices.

To obtain this snapshot, you’ll need to look on the internet for details of CISCO devices. Following this, you will be able to collect certain details such as IOS information the flash memory of your device, snapshots, and so on. It also examines TCP ports as well as SNMP devices and retrieves information of IP address systems, IP address, and other information associated with MIB OID (Object Identifier). MIB OID (Object ID).

Additionally, you can access to control, monitor and fix all of your MAC address IP addresses, MAC addresses, and DNS names by using monitoring tools such as MAC addresses and DNS resolver. It will notify you of issues in your network that need immediate attention via monitoring your servers within your network.

Test their free or their professional version and control your network using these tools.

IP Address Manager

A sophisticated IP manager from SolarWinds comes with options. The management of DHCP, DNS, and IP through the SolarWinds software is simple.

A few of the features:

  • Tracking IP history and detail
  • Automatically track IP address
  • Make sure to schedule a scan in order to ensure you have up-to-date information
  • capable of managing IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses
  • Be aware of DNS conflicts occur or if you have mismatched IP entries are detected.
  • Monitor multi-vendor devices like Cisco, Microsoft, ISC DHCP servers, BIND and Microsoft DNS servers from one platform
  • vRealize Orchestrator plugin for automating VM IP management
  • Find and track subnets and related blocks
  • Find IP address
  • Delegate IP administration

It also has APIs that makes the integration of third party software a breeze.

It is possible to get started by registering for an FREE trial to test what you think about it.

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PRTG Network Monitor

Examine IP addresses and other devices connected to LAN or WLAN and check your network. If there are any issues within the network, you will be alerted and notified to take action immediately. In addition to the network devices, you are able to easily track network activity.

Through the help of this IP scanner, you can see the number of devices within your network. This tool can be used to check port ports that are open to reduce the possibility of an attack online.

PRTG incorporates Sunburst alongside other dashboards which you can access from your tablet, PC or mobile device to modify it according to your needs and the requirements of your network. It also provides real-time reportage as well as sensors to allow for a customized monitoring. It also comes with an REST API sensor that monitors JSON as well as XML files.

Remote probes can be set up is possible using the PRTG to control your network’s decentralization.

Angry IP Scanner

One of the best IP scanners that has greater than 23 million downloads lets you check for internet-facing and local IP addresses.

Angrily ISP scanner is an open-source program that is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Not only IP, but it is also capable of scanning ports. There is the option to save scan results in a variety of types (TXT, XML, IP-port list files CSV, TXT).

If you’re familiar with Java you could extend the capabilities of Java by creating an extension.

It is obvious that it requires Java to function and run, so make sure that you have installed it on your computer.

IP Scanner by Spiceworks

Automatically identify devices within the LAN (local region network).

Spiceworks IP scanner is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux. If you want to discover all network-connected devices in inventory it would be a great tool.

Network Scanner

Lizard System’s scanner for networks lets you examine your personaland corporate networks. It employs multi-threaded scanning technology which allows you to check thousands of connected devices in a single minute.

In the screenshot above, you will see from the above image In the above screenshot, you can access NetBIOS information, information about the web server FTP, Web server, and more.

The results can be saved to HTML, TXT or XML format.

It is possible to download a fully-featured trial for ten days and test whether this is a good fit for you.

Advanced IP Scanner

One of the most popular scanners downloaded over 30 million times allows the ability to analyse your LAN within a matter of minutes.

Advanced IP Scanner is an executable portable that allows you to connect to networks shares, remote control through RDP, MAC address detection and many more.

It’s completely free to download, so give it test to see how it works. Take a look at this comprehensive advanced IP scanner manual.

IP Range Scanner

A free program from Lansweeper can scan your network and providing information about network-connected device details.

It is possible to schedule scan of your network or run it on demand at any time you’d like.

Some of the most significant characteristics include:

  • Execute custom commands
  • Find subnets
  • Import network IPs using CSV files
  • Find external and internal IP addresses


The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the NMAP. NMAP is often referred to as a security network finder tool, but it can also be used to track IP addresses that are used in the network.

Ex: If you want to determine which IPs are connected to the network. It is easy to execute the following Nmap commands.

nmap with -sP 10.0.0. *


It’s not exactly IP Scanner, but is referred to as a scanner for network vulnerabilities.

In the realm of security, a simple security solution won’t suffice. Intruder’s vulnerability scanner for networks is an extremely powerful tool used by more than 1,500 businesses around the globe. It can detect thousands of vulnerabilities, but its main USP is it aids in reducing the attack surface that you expose to external attackers.

What that means is that, in addition to conducting constant and thorough tests of your network and finding vulnerabilities as quickly they’re discovered it prioritises exposures to your systems that are connected to the internet, allowing you tackle the most significant dangers first.

It’s difficult to describe all the vulnerabilities that an Intruder might find in your systems. These comprise issues with configuration and patches that are not installed applications security flaws, bugs with encryption and much more. But due to the seamless connection to tools like Jira, Zapier, Microsoft Teams and Slack it is possible to ensure that your developers have the information they need to address these issues swiftly.

Through AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud connectors, technical teams are able to automatically update their cloud IPs as well as hostnames in order to remain at the top of their cloud infrastructure.

Intruder provides a free 30-day trial of its vulnerability scanner for networks that you can test here..


I hope that this article will give you an idea of the network IP scanner tools and assists you manage them better. Do you need a quick way to find open ports? Take a look at our online port scanner.

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