April 1, 2023
Forgot My Outlook Email Password

I Forgot My Outlook Email Password, How to Recover?

Forgotten your Outlook password or data file password Do not panic. This article will help you recover your Outlook Email password or to reset the.pst file password.

Forgot Outlook account password

Forgot your Outlook Email password? You can retrieve it from the Microsoft website.

1. Open Outlook.com. Click on Sign In, then enter your Outlook email address, and click on Next.

2. Click on the Forgot your password link.

3. Click on Next to select the first option, “I forgot my password”, then click on Next.

If you can’t remember your password but still remember it, choose the second option: “I know my password but cannot sign in.”

You can choose the third option, “I believe someone else is using your Microsoft account” if your Outlook account has been hacked.

4. Click Next to enter the characters that you see.

5. Choose an option to confirm your identity. You can link your Outlook account to another email account or phone by creating an Outlook account. Click on Send code to enter the email address or phone number.

To recover your Outlook email password and some details, select “I don’t have any of those” if you have no Outlook contacts.

6. After some time, you will get the verification code. Get it and return to the password recovery page to input the verification code in the text box. Your Outlook account password will then be recovered.

Forgot your Gmail, Yahoo, or any other type of e-mail passwords that you have added to Outlook? You can also visit their official website to retrieve your password. Here’s an easy and effective way to recover Outlook email accounts password if you are unable to access your Outlook email account password via the internet.

1. Install Outlook Password Tuner on your computer.

2. All e-mail accounts and passwords saved to Outlook will be displayed on the program’s launch.

3. Click on “Recover” button in Outlook Email Password Tuner to see all accounts and passwords.

Tips: Outlook Email password tuner is only compatible with these types of e-mail accounts, IMAP and POP3. Or they will not be recovered.

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Forgot Outlook .pst file password

Microsoft cannot help you recover your Outlook data file password if you forgot it. A third-party program such as Cocosenor Outlook password tuner can help you.

To show you how to recover your.pst password in Outlook 2016, I’ll be using the Cocosenor Outlook Password Tuner trial version program. It works with Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000.

1. Install the program Cocosenor Outlook password tuner on your computer.

Tips: The Cocosenor Outlook password tuner trial version only supports passwords of 3 characters or less You may need the full version if your Outlook data file encrypted password has a longer or stronger length.

2. Click on the “Open” button to open the program.

In the pop-up dialog locate your Outlook *.pst and select it. Click on Open to import it to the program.

3. Set the attack settings to reduce the time it takes to recover your Outlook password from a pst file.

You can still remember a part of your password if you select the Normal recovery option to set the password range and length, then choose the Mask type to set Start from, End At, Mask text box.

Keep the default option “Normal” if you can’t recall anything about your password.

4. Click on “Start to begin recovering your password.

If your password is complex or too long, you will need to wait for it to complete.

5. You can retrieve your password on the pop-up window if it is successfully recovered. Start Microsoft Outlook, then open Outlook Data File with the password t.

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