October 1, 2023
View Installed Updates

How to View Installed Updates in Windows 10

It is essential to ensure your computer receives timely updates and is kept up to date with all software and security updates that are released by Microsoft. Below are the steps needed to verify or see the installed updates on Windows 10.

View Updates Installed in Windows 10

The primary purpose behind Windows Updates is to fix security flaws and boost the performance of your PC.

But, it’s not common to have computers exhibiting issues and experiencing problems with performance after an Windows update. It could be due to certain device drivers being unusable with this update or other causes.

In these situations it is necessary to look over the updates installed on your computer . You can also remove a specific update in the event that the issue on your system is traced to the update.

The process of checking for updates that have been installed In Windows 10 is a fairly simple job, and it can be accomplished using the Settings App or using Control Panel.

Make sure you are checking for updates using the Settings App

Follow the steps listed below to check Updates that have been installed in Windows 10 using the Settings App.

1. Click on Windows 10 Start button, and select the settings icon.

2. On the Settings screen, click on the Update and Security icon.

3. On the Update and security screen, you need to click Windows Update in the left pane, and then click the View Installed Update History link within the left pane.

4. On the next screen, you will be able to see the list of updates installed on your PC.

Although it is simple to see installed updates on Windows 10 using the Settings App, this method will not display all Windows Updates installed on your system, it just shows the latest updates.

In addition you will not be able to uninstall an update through your Settings screen (in the case of a requirement). You’ll need to click on the Uninstall Updates link which takes you to the traditional control panel.

Check Updates Installed within Windows 10 Using Control

Follow these steps to see updated updates installed on Windows 10 using the Control Panel

1. Access Control Panel in your PC by clicking the Start button, then Windows System > Control Panel.

2. On the Control Panel screen, ensure that you’re in Category View. Then select Programs.

3. On the Programs screen, click View Installed Updates under Features and Programs.

4. On the next screen, you’ll be able to view the entire history of updates installed on your PC.

5. In case you would like to Uninstall any update, simply select the update, then select Uninstall.

Select How Updates are Installed in Windows 10

Windows Home users can only pick two options for updates are concerned.

  • Automatic (Recommended)
  • Notify schedule restart.

Microsoft suggests that you go using an Automatic Update option. If you choose Automatic Update, Windows 10 will periodically check for updates, and download and install them on your PC, automatically.

If you choose two options (Notify that you want to set a time for restart) You will be able select an arranged time for restarting your computer to complete the installation of updates to your computer.

In the case of Enterprise Users, Microsoft allows users to choose the time they wish to install and download Updates.

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