October 1, 2023
Transfer Data

How to Transfer Data to New Android Phone Using Tap & Go

Its Tap & Go feature on Samsung Galaxy and other Android Phones makes it very simple for you to move data between Old to the New Android Phone. Below are the steps for transfer data to a New Android Phone using Tap & Go.

Transfer data to a new Android Phone using Tap & Go

This Tap & Go feature that will allow for the seamless transfer data between two Android Phones is accessible only after setting up a brand new Android Phone.

Once the Android Phone is setup, you’ll be unable return to Tap & Go screen.

There is only one way you can get back to the Tap and Go Screen is to Factory Reset your Android Phone and restart the setup process until you get to the Tap and Go Screen.

If you own a New or Factory Reset Android Phone, you are able to follow these steps to transfer data from your older or current Android Phone to your shiny new Android Phone.

1. Install the Phone, until you get to the Tap & Go screen

Begin your New Android Phone and follow the instructions for setting up the phone, onscreen to the Tap & Go Screen.

If you need assistance the process of setting up for your New Android Phone, you should refer to this tutorial: How to Setup Your New Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Notice:You cannot get back to the Tap & Go Screen in the event that you do not see it when trying to set up your new Phone.

2. Place phones Back to Back

When you reach the Tap & Go screen After that, you can unlock your old Phone and put the New Phone and Old Phone opposite to one another.

Notice: Make sure that the backs of the phones are touching one another until you hear an audio.

3. Confirm transfer Data to the old Phone

Then, you’ll be asked to confirm the the transfer data on your previous phone. Click OK on your old phone to begin the process of transfer.

4. Unlock your old Device yet again

The old device will shut itself down then you’ll be asked to unlock your device. If your device doesn’t have a lockon it, you won’t be asked to unlock it again.

5. Log in to your Google Account on your New Phone

On the new device you will be asked to sign in to the Google account you have created on your Google Account to confirm that you are authorized to transfer information.

6. Accept the Google the Terms and Condition

After logging into the Google Account you have created with your Google Account, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

7. Complete set-up procedure

Based on the model of your phone You may be requested to configure some exciting features like Google Now.

After you’ve set everything up, you’ll be brought to the home page of your phone. However, you won’t in a position to use any Apps since your device still receives information from the old phone.

Some of apps greyed out, however, they will return to their original hue once the transfer process has been completed.

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