October 1, 2023
Share Your Location On Android Phone

How to Share Your Location On Android Phone Using Text Message

If you’re in a state of confusion or are unable to explain your location to a person If you are lost, make use of the Location feature within the Text Messages App to share your location on android phone. Below are the steps needed to share your location via text message on an Android Phone.

Share Your Location on Android Phone Using Text Message

As you should know that it is possible to share your location in Google Maps with anyone. This is a great option when you’re already using Google Maps and your car is broken down, or when you’re waiting in your car to meet someone else.

Another way to share Your Location with Android Phone is to make use of the built-in Location Sharing feature that is available in the default messages App for the Android Phone. This is useful for instance, if the person you would like to share your location already exists on Your contact list.

NOTE: In case you don’t have an original Android Phone, Google’s Messages App might not be your default message App for the Android Phone.

In this case it is necessary to set Google’s Messaging App as your default messaging App before proceeding by following the steps to share your location on your Android Phone using Text Message.

The Messages App isn’t available for the device you own, Android Phone, you can download the Messages App from the Google Play Store on any Android Phone.

Steps to Share Your Location on Android Phone Using Text Message

1. Open the Messages app on your Android Phone.

Notice: In case you have installed the Messages app and you are using it, ensure that the it’s Messages App is selected as the default messaging App in Your Android Phone. This is because Android OS only allows one application to send messages via text at one time.

2. Next, tap on the plus button (+) located on the bottom of your screen. This will create a new message.

Note: You can also open an existing Message and proceed from there.

3. On the new screen for messages, type in the name of the contact whom you wish to relay your location to , then click on the Plus Icon located to the left of the box for Messages (See the image below)

4. You will see an array of icons appear below the message box. scroll through your list, then tap the icon for Location (See below for an example)

5. You will be asked to allow the Messages app to access you current address. Select Allow then wait for the Android Phone to bring up your current location on the Map (this takes a few minutes).

6. Once your Current Location is displayed at the top of the screen on the Android Phone, tap on the location you want to include it in the message (See the picture below).

NOTE: In case the location is not correct or doesn’t have enough information, swipe to reveal the nearest places.

7. Next, add your message (if there is one) then press the send button. This will transmit your location to your contact.

After the message has been delivered, your contact will be able to view your exact location and will help you. All your contact needs to do is click on the link within the message and it will instantly start within Google Maps in Navigation Mode.

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