October 1, 2023
Setup Microphone

How to Setup Microphone in Windows 10

All that is needed to setup Microphone in Windows 10 is to connect Microphone to the computer, allow Windows to install the necessary drivers, and then complete the set-up process by using the microphone setup Wizard.

Setup Microphone on Windows 10

It is the first thing to connect the Microphone into the computer (Wired Microphone) or connect it to the computer via Bluetooth (Wireless Microphone).

Once the Microphone connects to your PC, Windows 10 will automatically scan and install the drivers needed to operate Microphone. Microphone on your PC.

Once the drivers have been installed After installing the drivers, you will need to finish the setup process by using Windows’ included Microphone Setup Wizard as included in Windows 10.

NOTE: If Windows 10 is unable to install the driver visit the website of the manufacturer and download the drivers onto your personal computer.

1. Connect the Microphone to the Computer

If the Microphone has wires, simply connect it to the Audio Port of your computer. If you have an Wireless Microphone, you need follow the steps listed below.

1. Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices , and select the Add Bluetooth or any other device in the left-hand pane.

Important: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

2. On Add Device screen, choose the Bluetooth option, and then let the PC recognize you Bluetooth Microphone.

Notice: You may have press the pair button in order for the microphone to be recognized.

3. Once the Microphone is found, simply click the Microphone and let Windows to download the needed drivers.

4. After the Microphone is added, click Done to leave the page.

2. Setup Microphone on Windows 10

If you’re connecting the Microphone in the very first instance to a computer you must complete the setup procedure.

1. Go to Settings > System > Sound Scroll down to the right-hand-pane, and then click the Sound Control Panel link under “Related Settings”.

2. On the pop-up Click on the Recording tab. Select your Microphone , then click Configure.

3. On the next screen, choose the setup Microphone option to launch the Microphone Setup Wizard.

4. On Microphone Setup Wizard screen, choose the type of microphone you own, and click”Next.

5. The next screen is to read and understand the guidelines to use your microphone and press Next.

6. Next, read the sentence displayed using your natural voice before clicking Next.

7. Click on the Finish button to finish the setting of the Microphone.

If your Microphone could not hear you, it was not heard or the signal got picked up by an other Microphone.

In this case in such a situation, you must follow the steps above after demuting the Microphone.

3. Test and Configure the Microphone

Once you have started using the Microphone after you have completed the set-up process it is recommended to try the Microphone to verify that it’s functioning properly.

1. Go to Settings > System > Sound Scroll down to the right-hand pane and click on the Sound Control Panel link under “Related Settings”.

2. Select the Recording tab, then speak naturally and you will see green bars rise as you speak.

When the device recording isn’t working, you won’t be able to see green bars. In that situation, you’ll have to update your drivers and re-run the setup procedure.

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