April 1, 2023

How to Mark All Emails in Gmail Inbox as Read on iPhone

Mark All Emails in Gmail Inbox as Read – I’ve just received a brand fresh iPhone 11 and started setting it up just a few days ago. As a dedicated Android person, I needed the privilege of installing Google services first. Gmail is the most essential app , because you can effortlessly add contacts using Gmail and schedule emails and even work offline if you need too.

After installing Gmail There was an unread count of emails above the icon. It showed hundreds or thousands of emails unread.

The counter can be helpful but displaying the number in a huge way isn’t a good way to know how many emails you must read. Furthermore, you do not need to open each email to mark them as read. Google Inbox has a feature that lets you mark all emails as read however it is only applicable to emails on the present page only. This is how you can mark all messages within Your Google Inbox to be read. You can’t perform this on your iPhone I’d recommend using a laptop or computer since it’s easier.

1. Open Gmail

2. Type is: unread into the box above and then click the Search button to look up any emails that are not read.

3. Click on the checkbox at the top left of the Inbox screen to choose all emails.

4. Then, you’ll notice that all emails listed displayed on this page are selected. It is important to filter all the emails that are in your Inbox So, click at the hyperlink ” Select all conversations that are in line with the query“.

5. Select the button More (3-dot icon) located to the right of the toolbar. Select the option Mark as Read.
All done. The counter for email disappearing on your iPhone right now. If you know of any other method to mark your emails as read on your iPhone and share your thoughts with us via comments below.

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