October 1, 2023
Hide Mutual Friends

How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook Android and iOS 2022

Facebook in the past has introduced a number of privacy options including the privacy settings on the friends-list , which gives users total control over their profiles. Facebook offers a friends list option that is available on the profile page of the user that is situated below the cover photo on the left. The default setting is set to show all of your friends ‘ names to anyone who visits your profile.

You can alter your privacy settings if you do not wish to reveal your list of friends before the entire world of strangers. The biggest social network platform provides a variety of security options in the privacy settings to help users remain secure. This means that you can block you Friends List from public at large or from certain friends or even from the entire world.

This is how you can hide your friends’ from the list of friends for Facebook Android

You can block your mutual friends list on Facebook on any device, which includes iOS, Android, or even your computer. The best part is that you can block the list of friends from a specific person or everyone else, if you want to.

Simple steps to block common friends on Facebook Android

• Open Facebook using your Android phone

Click on the menu bar

* Scroll down , then click on Settings and Privacy’

Click on ‘Who can view your friends list who can view your friends list?’. You can find this tab under the “How People Locate and Reach You heading.

* Tap here, and then “Only Me”

This will hide your complete list of friends from anyone on Facebook. However your Facebook friends will nevertheless see who you share a common bond with. If you don’t wish to see the people you share a common bond with You will need to privately request that your friends limit who can see their friends ‘ list to “Only me”.

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How do you hide mutual Facebook friends Facebook iOS

* Open the Facebook app.

* Tap the Menu bar located at the top right-hand edge of the Apple device.

* Click on Settings towards the at the bottom of the menu

* Click on “Account Settings Then click on Privacy.

Scroll down to tap on “Who is visible on your friends’ list Who can see your friends list?

* Click “Only Me”

Save the settings and you’re good to go! !

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How do you hide your the mutual friends of Facebook Timeline

To remove mutual friends from the Facebook timelines To hide mutual friends from Facebook timeline, follow these easy steps:

* Create a Facebook account.

* Click on Profile

From there, head to Activity Log.

* Click Here, Tap on Friends. Choose the friends you wish to keep as “Mutual”

* Click on ‘Save Settings’

This process must be repeated since you can’t conceal all your mutual friends all at all times.

This article on hiding the identities of your acquaintances on Facebook will solve your privacy issues. Join our newsletter for more helpful tips and techniques.

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