October 1, 2023
Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error

How to Fix User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error in Windows 10

If you’re unable to log in due to “User Profile Cannot Be Loaded error or ‘User Profile Services failed to Logon error message’ on your PC Below, you can find various ways to resolve this irritating error message in Windows 10.

User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error in Windows 10

User Profile Not loaded error is typically reported by people who are who have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 after an older version of the Windows operating system.

This issue is also complained about by people trying to log in to an account called a new local user account for Windows 10 computers. Windows 10 computers.

In general, users are reporting that they have ‘User Profile Service Refused to Login User Profile Could Not be loaded’ error messages on their computer.

Reason for User Profile Failed to Logon Error in Windows 10

The primary reason behind the appearance of the ‘User Profile Failed to Login Error’ on Windows 10 is due to the User Profile being corrupted.

According to Microsoft the User Profile on the Windows computer could be corrupted when an Antivirus program was scanning the PC when you are trying to sign in to a user Account.

Another cause for this issue is the default User Profile being corrupted during upgrading (Older version of Windows 10). Windows 10).

Because, Windows 10 uses the Default User Profile to create new Accounts which results in creating damaged User Profiles.

How to Fix ‘User Profile Failed to Logon’ Error in Windows 10

Based on the causes of the ‘User profile cannot be loaded’ error on Windows 10, any of the following solutions are available to solve this issue.

  1. Fix Corrupted User Profile Using Registry Editor.
  2. Replace the corrupted default user profile with a new one.
  3. Unplug from the internet and set up A New Local User Account.

Take note of this: Create an account as a New User. If this doesn’t work, use the two other methods described below.

1. Create New Local User Account

If the account you’re trying to login is not yet created or does not contain important files You can fix this problem by creating a brand new User Account.

This method works if the default user account on your PC has not been compromised.

Simply disconnect your PC from the internet. Then, create the Local User Account by following the steps in this article: How to Create A Local User Account on Windows 10.

2. FIX Corrupt User Profile Using Registry Editor

Because this process involves editing Registry files It is advised for users with advanced skills who are accustomed to working using Registry Files.

The concept behind this technique is to gain access to Registry Files related to the Corrupted User Profile and reset the registry value that is incorrect.

This approach is effective in situations where the reason for the ‘Service Profile Failed to Sign in the Service Profile’ error message is because of incorrect Registry Values.

You can get the specific steps for correcting the Registry values in this article: How to Fix A User Profile that is corrupt within Windows 10

3. Replace NTUSER.dat File

This process involves deleting the NTUSER.dat File from the damaged Profile of the User Profile then replace the file with one from the working User Profile.

1. Login to your account as an Administrator or a User Account with Administrator rights.

2. Open File Explorer on your PC.

3. On File Explorer screen, select the View tab and look for extensions to the name of your file and hidden Items.

Notice: This important step allows hidden files to be appear on your PC.

4. Navigate to This PC > Local Disk > Users and open the working user profile folder.

5. In the User Folder, right-click the NTUSER.DAT File and choose”Copy.

6. Next, navigate to this PC > > Local Disk> Users > Broken Users Folder, and change the name of NTUSER.DAT into NTUSER.DAT1.

After changing the name, copy the NTUSER.DAT File created by Working user Profile into the Corrupted Users Folder.

After you have completed the all the steps above, you should be able login to the User Account without receiving any errors.

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