October 1, 2023
Delete Email Account

How to Delete Email Account on Mac

If you’re looking for a method to delete Email Account from Mac It is possible the email Account may have changed, or that you are not using the Particular Email Account.

Delete Email Accounts and Remove emails from Mac

If you delete an Email Account from your Mac and back, all Email messages that are associated with this specific Email Account will be deleted out of Mail App. Mail App and you will not be able to access them.

However the deleted Email messages should be accessible in their initial Mail Server ( Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and you can access them through your Account. Account.

If you’re just interested in eliminating Emails from your Mac You can temporarily deactivate your Email Account within Mail App. Mail App.

The deactivated Email Account will remain connected to Mail App. Mail App and you will be able access all of your Emails in Mac by activating your Email Account within Mail App. Mail App.

1. Uninstall Email Account on Mac by using the Mail app

When the email Account you wish to remove from your Mac isn’t associated with any other Apps ( Notes and Contacts, Notes) then you can erase the Email Account via Mail. Mail App.

1. Open the Mail Application on your Mac Select the Mail tab from the top menu bar, and then click Accounts.

2. On the next screen, choose your email account in the left-hand pane, and then click the icon with the letter ‘-‘.

3. On the Confirmation pop-up, tap”OK” to verify.

When you click OK Once you have clicked OK, your Email Account and all of its Email messages will be removed out of the Mail App.

2. Remove Email Accounts From Mac Using System Preferences

If your email account is being used by other apps (Notes and Contacts among other) then you will be asked to delete your the Email Account from the System Preferences.

1. Click on the Apple Icon in top-menu bar and then select System Preferences from the menu dropdown.

2. On System Preferences screen select the Internet Accounts Icon.

3. On the next screen, choose your email account in the left-hand-pane and then click”Minus..

4. On the confirmation pop-up, select”OK” to accept.

The chosen Email Account will be deleted from your Mac.

3. Remove Emails From Mac by Disabling Email Account

As we mentioned earlier you can delete Emails messages from your Mac by deactivating your Email Account within Mail App. Mail App.

1. Open Mail App and then click on the Mail tab on the top menu bar and then select Accounts from the menu drop down.

2. On Internet Accounts screen, click on your email account in the left pane. Then, uncheck the box that is adjacent to Mail in the right-hand pane.

3. After this, ensure that you close your Main App.

If you go back to the Mail App You will see it unfilled with no Emails within it.

You can retrieve all of the Email messages from Mac by clicking the Mail tab at the top of the menu bar, and then selecting”Accounts” from the menu.

The next page, choose your Email Account from the left pane and then check the box beside Mail in the right-hand pane.

NOTE: You will need to close and open your Mail App to view all of your Emails.

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