October 1, 2023
Change Siri Voice Accent

How to Change Siri Voice Accent on iPhone & iPad

When you turn on Siri and activate Siri, you’ll hear it speak in its the default American female Siri voice accent. But, you are able to alter the Siri accent in your iPhone as well as iPad in British, Australian and other accents available.

Change Siri Voice Accent on iPhone

Many people are unaware that it’s easy to change Siri’s Voice Accent, Language , and even Gender to meet your personal needs or to have enjoyment.

At present, Siri can be made to work with American, British, Australian, Irish, South African Voice Accents.

You can also change the gender of male and Female Voice Accents for the majority of the available voice accents.

Let’s start by taking an overview of the steps required to change Siri’s Voice Accent into something you love listening to.

Steps to Change Siri Voice & Gender on iPhone or iPad

You can switch Siri Voice and Gender in the settings of your iPhone and iPad through Settings > Siri and Search and then clicking on the Siri Voice choice.

The next page, you will be able to choose from Siri’s available Accents and choose the gender of either male or female.

After you have selected your preferred Siri Voice Accent as well as gender, you might be waiting until the iPhone to upload the needed files that will support the selected Voice Accent.

The transition to Siri Voice will take place after the necessary files are downloaded onto your device.

You might hear Siri speaking with a new accent even if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or Cellular Network and the download process is stopped.

The required files for implementing Full Siri Accent in High Quality will be downloaded every time your device is connected to the internet.

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