April 1, 2023
Add Photos to Notes

How to Add Photos to Notes On iPhone

Notes App on iPhone Notes Application on the iPhone lets you Add photos to Notes for your iPhone using Camera Roll, Desktop and as well via the Internet. If this sounds intriguing we’ll explore the various methods of adding photos for Notes to the iPhone and iPad.

Add Photos to Notes On iPhone

The Notes app on iPhone is being increasingly utilized by iPhone users to make Notes for Reminders To-do lists Collaboration with others, and to save helpful tips and other information to be accessed later on and to hide photos on iPhone.

The ability to add Photos and videos is another function of Notes Application which can be utilized to improve the quality of the information you record in your Notes. For instance, adding photos to recipes or any other useful information you record on the Note could help make it more valuable and easy to read.

Let’s now explore various ways to add Photos to Notes on the iPhone

Add Photos to Notes Using Add Photo Option

The Notes app has the Add Photo icon, which allows you to browse images in your Photos App on your iPhone and then add them to your Notes.

1. Open the Notes app to your iPhone.

2. Start a new Note by clicking on”New Note” located in the bottom right corner on your screen.

3. Tap anywhere in the New Note to bring up the keyboard, and then tap at the + icon situated on top of the keyboard (See the image below)

4. Next, tap on the Camera icon on the Notes toolbar which appears (See the image below).

5. Now, tap on the Photo Library option on the pop-up that pops up (See the image below)

6. Tapping on Photo Library option will bring your to Photos app in your iPhone. Select the photo you wish to include in Notes (in the Camera Roll or another File) and tap it (See below for an example)

7. On the next screen, click on the option to choose to add the chosen Photo to the Notes Application.

8. Tap on Done to save the Note together with the Photo within the Notes App.

Add Photos to Notes Using Share Option

1. Open the Photos App on your iPhone and navigate into Camera Roll or any other Folder in which the photo you would like to add to Notes is.

2. Next, tap on the Select button located in the upper right-hand edge of the screen (See the image below)

3. Select Photos that you wish to include in Notes by tapping them, then tapping the Share button at the lower left right.

4. On the next screen, click on the Add to Notes (See the image below)

5. On the next screen, you can enter a an optional caption to be placed to the photo within the note. Click on Save. Save the Note as well as the photos

6. In case you would like to add a photo to an existing Note Tap on the entry next to select Note.

7. On the next screen, you’ll be able select an existing note to add the photo to.

Add Photos to Notes Using Copy and Paste Commands

Use the following steps to duplicate the Photo from any site on the internet.

1. Using Safari browser navigate to the site on which the Photo you would like to add to notes is.

2. Next, Tap and hold the image you’d like to add to your Notes within the iPhone and then tap the Copy option from the menu that pops up (See the image below).

3. Now, open the Notes app on your iPhone

4. Open an Existing Note or create an entirely New Note by tapping on the New Note icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen (See below for an example).

5. Next, Tap and hold anywhere within the Note and then tap the Paste in the pop-up menu that pops up.

6. Tap on Done to Save the Photo to the Note

Delete Photos From Notes on iPhone

Take the following steps to remove Photos from Notes

1. Open the Note which contains the photos that you wish to delete.

2. Tap and Hold on the photo you would like to delete, and then tap the delete option within the menu bubble that pops up (See the image below)

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