October 1, 2023
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iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2022 | Customized iPhone Layouts

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are great devices. They bring in the majority the revenue. Cupertino-based Apple is safe and doesn’t take any risks. iPhone is a wonderful device, but it lacks a lot of design elements and an intuitive iOS software user interface. These iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas are curated to help you create the best possible setups. It is possible to visualize the idea and then customize it to suit your needs.

The Best iOS 15 Home screen Ideas of 2022

1. Willfulness

The capabilities of human brains are beyond the realms of imagination. You can achieve the same feat even in a restricted setting. You can organize iOS15 apps into folders, and rename them all. To delineate the folder category, you can use icons and emoji rather than text.

To define the category, you can use the video camera icon (emoji) to push YouTube, Vimeo , Netflix and other apps.

  • One category of apps can be contained in one folder
  • Hold the folder down for a few seconds, then tap and hold it again.
  • Take out the name you are currently using.
  • Start looking for an appropriate icon for your folder by opening the emoji menu from the keyboard.
  • I chose office building emoji.
  • You can quit the keyboard.
  • To see the icon/emoji in the folder name clearly, minimize the folder.

You can remove system apps from your dock and replace them by the most frequently used ones. It will make navigation easier and improve productivity by including essential shortcuts in your dock.

The Home Screen can be set with any wallpaper, but I recommend a beach-themed background to create a full mood. To separate your personal and professional lives, you can have multiple Home Screens so that distractions are not an issue.

2. Alacrity Home Screen- Best iOS 15 Home Screen

Alacrity Home Screen is about personalizing your screen to reflect your personality. This is one the best iPhone home screens ideas. Start with the dock to pin your most used apps like social media and productivity apps.

To spread positivity and remember your loved ones, add a Photos widget to the top panel. You can place the To-Do List widget next to it so that you can concentrate on the world and inspire yourself to do more for those around you.

The most important apps should be added to the top row.

There is no limit to what you can add to the first Home Screen. You can also keep others. You can choose any bright, cheerful color to spread positivity throughout the day. Colors have a significant impact on your life so be careful.

3. Brown Bread – The Top iOS 15 Home Screen

Brown bread is an acceptable color scheme for the newer iPhone models. Many iPhone users have started to appreciate third party services instead of Apple services.

You can add frequently used apps to the dock. Music is my favorite app for working while you work. Spotify is my favorite app, so it is always in the dock.

You can add a calendar widget to the top of your screen so that you know the day. Add three apps to your selection and place all social media apps into a folder.

Music is vital to our lives, so Spotify and Apple Music widgets are placed in the middle. You can also choose to have the widget take the middle slap indefinitely.

You can stick apps you only use occasionally but may need them at any time. Make a lot of folders and store all the frequently used apps, including system applications.

4. Feel Motivated – Creative iPhone 15 Home Screen

Do you want to start a business? Or learn a new skill? You may have people around you who tell you that success is impossible. Do not let anyone tell your how to live your life.

The smartphone is a very important tool for you to use to read, respond, learn and much more. To keep your eyes happy and motivated, you should choose bright colors for wallpaper. Bright colors can brighten up your day and make it more positive.

Three motivational phrases should be added to each of the three sides. To remind yourself to keep moving forward and to focus on the task at hand, you can use text widgets to remind you.

You can customize the dock and pin only frequently used apps.

5. Fire Focus – Unique iOS 15 Home Screen

We live a hectic life and don’t have time to waste our time on nonproductive activities. You’re on fire, moving at the speed of light and there’s no stopping you. Your iPhone must always be ready to help you with your daily tasks and take the burden off of your shoulders.

You can remove all unneeded apps from your dock and pin productivity apps like email, browser, and to do list app.

Choose a blurry wallpaper to match your home and surroundings.

You can add a battery widget to the first row so that you don’t wake up with less than 10% of your tank. The latest iPhones still have a notch on all models. You won’t see notch Android phones on the market.

You can add the calendar app to the first row so that you have quick access to reminders and other information.

6. Mr.Organizer – iOS 15 Aesthetic Design

iOS software does not allow users to customize their device in any way. Although you cannot change the limitations, you can add widgets and folders to your device to make it feel more at home.

I’d leave dock customization up to you, but I’d rather stick with system apps.

They are optimized for smooth operation on it. Add a large calendar widget to the top row by downloading third-party widgets from App Store. The Home Screen displays the day, month, and date.

In the second row, create four folders and add social media, work, photos, games, notes, and school/work information. A note widget can be added to the Home Screen. It should serve as a reminder of your goals.

To store all your apps together, add a clock widget to the last row. You can also create categories like tools, games, productivity, etc. The Home Screen is organized to increase productivity and speed up accessibility.

Any brown color wallpaper can be chosen, but it should have less elements that distract. You should not choose wallpapers with distracting words, patterns or sketches that remind you of particular moments in your life.

7. Rainbow Spirit

Rainbow wallpapers are available for your iPhone, so you can change it up. You shouldn’t be afraid to use them, as they were created with the iOS device in mind.

These wallpapers are dynamic and have sharp colors that match the display. It is made keeping in mind the type of technology and the aspect ratio of the iPhone. Rainbow wallpapers are recommended for the iPhone.

The dock has been rearranged to match the older version.

  1. App for the phone
  2. Safari browser
  3. Messages
  4. Music

Apple has restored the color of the Music app to its older version. Multiple Home Screens can be created and arranged in different ways. Each screen can also be separated with a category. Now. Now, I’ll leave the creative part up to you. Please share your idea in the comments section.

8. Aesthetic pink

I would like to start with aesthetic pink. This is where you have a mix of pink-themed and organized Home screens. It is not necessary to have multiple screens on the device, each app should be displayed on one screen.

Music is an important part of millions of people’s lives. We will place a widget from Apple Music or Spotify at the top of your screen. We will include all social media apps in one folder because they are an integral part of many people’s lives. The top panel can be customized to your taste. I will not suggest anything.

It is important to complete daily chores. A quick glance at the daily tasks can be taken.

Apps installed apps must be arranged on one screen.

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9. Macrocosm

We have unique iPhone homescreen layouts that are tailored to each person’s individuality. This is not possible with regular iOS software. You will need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to do heavy customizations.

For the sake of customization, do not jailbreak your iPhone. This could cause your iPhone to be permanently bricked.

Download a few Cydia packages and they will be available in the shop.

You can add a custom icon pack to have icons for all the top apps in the App Store. One widget can be placed on the top screen, with four apps that match your profession or passion.

For the best results, add two widgets to the second row. You don’t want the Home Screen to look sloppy. Don’t trade functionality for aesthetic design or unique output.


This is our Best Creative iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas. Use restrictive software to express your creativity. To create your own Home Screen design, you don’t need to follow the guidelines. You shouldn’t be tempted to jailbreak technology. It can put your device at serious risk. We want to hear your thoughts about Homer Screen ideas.

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