April 1, 2023
WhatsApp Photos and Videos

Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos on Android Phone

Although WhatsApp offers the possibility to display or hide content in the Photo Gallery, it is also possible to completely hide WhatsApp Photos from any location within Your Android Phone.

Remove WhatsApp Videos and Photos on Android Phone

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp provides the option to block downloaded media from showing up within The Photo Gallery on your Android Phone.

But, putting them away in the Gallery isn’t a way to prevent them from being viewed in the WhatsApp Photos Folder. This can be easily accessible in The Photos App.

We have therefore provided below the steps needed to hide WhatsApp photos in the Gallery. There are further the steps to remove WhatsApp Photos from any location for the Android Phone.

1. Hide WhatsApp Videos and Photos within Gallery of Android Phone

As stated above You can block WhatsApp Photos from showing in the Photo Gallery by going to WhatsApp Settings on your Android Phone.

1. Open WhatsApp > tap the 3 dots menu icon and then select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.

2. On the Settings screen, select the Chats.

3. On the next screen, toggle the switch on the right side of Media Visibility to the OFF position.

NOTE: This setting only blocks new download Photos and Videos from appearing in the Photos Gallery. Previously downloaded photos will remain visible on the phones Gallery.

2. Remove WhatsApp photos on Android Phone

If your phone comes with an File Explorer App, you are able to follow the steps below to completely block WhatsApp Photos from all places for the Android Phone.

NOTE: The File Explorer App is also known as My Files on Samsung devices, and “Explorer” on the majority of Android devices.

For those whose Android Phone does not have the File Explorer, you can download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

1. Open the File Explorer app for the Android Phone.

2. On the next screen, click on the Device Storage.

3. Navigate to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images Folder.

4. Select WhatsApp Images Folder by holding and tapping on it.

5. After selecting WhatsApp Images Folder Tap on 3 dots menu (or more icon) located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. select the Rename option from The dropdown menu.

6. Rename WhatsApp Images Folder to .nomedia or another name that begins with an asterisk (.)

When you launch your Photo App on your Android Phone but you aren’t in a position to locate WhatsApp’s Images Folder.

It is the WhatsApp Images Folder, which contains all of your WhatsApp Photos are invisible from view on the plane and will not be lost or deleted.

You can at any time can remove the WhatsApp Media Folder by renaming the .nomedia folder into WhatsApp Images.

3. How to hide WhatsApp videos from the Gallery of Android Phone

Similar to Photo, WhatsApp automatically saves Videos to the Gallery app for Android phones.

The steps to hide WhatsApp Videos on Gallery are essentially identical to concealing WhatsApp photos in the Gallery section of Your Android Phone.

1. Open the File Explorer app for the Android Phone.

2. Navigate to Device Storage > WhatsApp > then open the Media Folder.

3. In WhatsApp Media Folder you can tap and hold the the WhatsApp Video Folder to select the folder to edit.

4. After selecting WhatsApp Video Folder, press the 3 dots menu icon (or More icon) and then select Rename option from the drop-down.

5. Rename WhatsApp Videos to .nomedia2 or any other name that begins with an asterisk (.)

These steps will hide WhatsApp videos on the Android Phone and you won’t be able to find them within your Photo Gallery or any other place in Your Android Phone.

What is the method that works? This Method Works?

If you’re wondering, Android Operating system is built on Linux In which the addition of the point (.) on top of the Folder or File hides it.

Therefore, the simple change in the name of ‘WhatsApp Pictures and Videos the folder will make WhatsApp Photos as well as Videos Folder inaccessible for the Android Phone.

As we mentioned earlier it is possible to remove WhatsApp photos and videos at any point by renaming the .nomedia Folders to ‘WhatsApp Photos and ‘WhatsApp Videos’.

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