October 1, 2023
iPhone Keyboard Missing

Fix: iPhone Keyboard Missing or Not Appearing Problem

If the iPhone Keyboard Missing or not showing, you must be able to resolve the issue using various methods that are listed below.

iPhone Keyboard missing or not Displaying

If the Keyboard on your iPhone disappears when using a particular App it is typically due to the particular App getting corrupted or incompatible.

If this happens you’ll be able to solve the issue by clearing out and installing this specific app in your phone.

If you discover that your iPhone Keyboard Missing all the time, and the issue is system-wide it is possible to solve the issue by using the other options listed below.

1. Restart iPhone

Simply reboot your device and you could be amazed to see the keyboard working in the iPhone and iPad.

1. Go to Settings General > Scroll down until you reach Shut Down.

2. On the next screen, press the Slider to shut Down iPhone.

3. Wait for 60 seconds, then restart your iPhone.

2. Turn off the Bluetooth Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth for your iPhone and check whether this can help fix the issue.

1. Open Settings > toggle OFF Bluetooth.

Once the keyboard is displayed it is possible to restart Bluetooth in your iPhone by shifting the toggle from off position.

3. Hard Reset iPhone

Use the following steps (as appropriate to your specific model) to hard reset iPhone.

iPhone 5 6, Press and hold the Home and Power buttons (ON/OFF) until the screen turns black . iPhone begins by showing the Apple Logo.

iPhone 6,7 8. Click and hold both Volume Down and Power buttons until the screen turns black, and you see Apple Logo appearing on the screen of your iPhone.

iPhone X: Press the Volume Up button, then immediately release it. Then Press the volume down button, and immediately let it go.

Then step is to press while holding the Side button (Power button) until the screen is dark , and then the iPhone begins with Apple logo.

4. Reset All Settings

If these methods didn’t aid, you’ll have reset all options on the iPhone to the original Factory Default values.

NOTE: This method will not delete any information on your iPhone.

1. Go to Settings > General > scroll to the bottom and click Reset.

2. On the next screen, click”Reset All Settings.

3. On the next screen, type in your lock screen password.

4. On the conformation pop-up, click reset all Settings for confirmation.

5. Factory Reset iPhone

If the above solutions did not aid, you may be able to solve the issue by conducting the factory Reset for your iPhone by following the steps given in this article: How to Factory Reset iPhone.

A Factory Reset will erase completely all Data stored on your iPhone and will also erase corrupted files which could be causing the issue on the device.

Once you have reset the Factory, you will be able to choose to restore iPhone by using a backup (if there is one available) or configure iPhone as a new device.

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