October 1, 2023
Failed Network Error

How to Fix Failed Network Error in Chrome While Downloading

If you’re not able to download files via Google Drive or the Internet as well as Google Drive due to the Failed Network Error You will find below the steps for fixing “Failed Network Error” in Chrome when you download files.

A Network Error Failed in Chrome During Download

“Failed Network Error,” or “Failed Network Error” in Chrome browser typically displays as an error stating “Failed – Network Error” or Download Failed Network Error.

As previously mentioned this error message blocks users from downloading files via the Internet or through Google Drive and other sources.

This issue is believed to result from Security Software, Browser Extension/Plugins or by certain applications and programs, which block Chrome browsers from downloading the files you have on your personal computer.

In certain instances it could be the result of the presence of Malware or Rogue Adware applications on your PC.

1. Free Chrome Browsing Data

Begin by clearing your browsing history to reset the cache on your PC.

1. Open Chrome browser Click on the 3-dots icon in the menu > hover the mouse above More Tools and then click the Clear Browsing Data… option on the dropdown menu.

2. On the next screen, choose All Time as the Time Range and then click on the Clear Data button.

After you have cleared your browsing then try accessing the site and see whether you are able to save the files.

2. Turn off HTTPS Scanning

If you’re looking to download data from Google Drive and other trusted sources, turning off HTTPS scanning within the Antivirus software will permit the download to go on.

1. Open the Antivirus Software program, then go into Settings and Advanced Settings.

2. In Advanced settings you can disable HTTPS Scanning and Encrypted Connection Scanning.

Then, try downloading the file, and check whether you’re still receiving a Failure Network warning on your PC.

3. Edit Hosts File

As stated above this issue could be the result of being caused by the Hosts File being modified by Malware as well as Adware software.

1. Right-click on the Start button, then click Run.

2. In the Run Command Window, type C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and click on OK.

3. On the next screen, double-click on Hosts File and select to open the file with Notepad.

4. In the Hosts file, remove the lines that contain clients2.google.com entry. save the file.

NOTE: If Hosts File does not contain any other entries Close the editing window but do not save the File.

If you believe that the Hosts File has been modified ensure that you check your computer for Malware with Windows Defender or the Antivirus software that is installed on your PC.

4. Reset Chrome Browser

The steps are below for how to disable Chrome Extensions and reset the Chrome browser to default settings.

1. Open Chrome browser and click on the 3-dots Menu icon and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and click Advanced.

3. In Advanced settings scroll to the bottom and click Reset Settings.

4. On the confirmation pop-up, select”Reset” to accept.

Clear the cookies and settings. This will browser extensions, and restore Chrome to its default settings.

5. Eliminate harmful programs by using Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser comes with a tool that helps you identify and get rid of unwanted or unneeded applications from your PC.

1. Open Chrome browser and click on the 3-dots Menu icon, then choose Settings from the menu drop down.

2. On Settings screen Scroll down to the bottom and then click Advanced.

3. Scroll down further and select Clean up option in the “Reset and Clean UP” section.

4. Click on Find to begin Chrome the browser’s search engine for malicious programs that are installed on your computer.

If you find that Chrome has detected unwanted or suspicious software, you can click the Remove button.

6. Uninstall the Chrome and Reinstall Chrome

Sometimes it happens that sometimes, the User Profile in Chrome browser could be damaged and cause Network Failed Errors and other issues.

1. Open Settings on your computer , and then click the icon of Apps.

2. On the next screen, click Apps and Features in the left-hand pane. In the right-pane enter Google in the search bar, then click to open Google Chrome > Uninstall button.

3. On the confirmation pop-up, select”Uninstall” to signify.

After you have uninstalled Chrome After that, download and install the most recent version of Google Chrome browser on your personal computer.

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