October 1, 2023
Can’t Delete Apps

Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad? 5 Ways to Fix the Issue

Users of Apple iPhones and iPads often experience the inability to delete apps. Tap and hold the screen until an X appears in the upper-left corner. This is a common problem. Here are some possible solutions.

Resolution 1 – Tap Lightly

If your iPhone detects pressure, make sure you lightly tap and hold the app icon for approximately 2 to 3 seconds. The ” X_” should then appear. To return to your normal Home screen, press the ” Home” button. This appears to be the most common problem.

Resolution 2 – Restart

This problem was experienced by me personally with the Yelp app. Two icons appeared on my home screen to Yelp. One of the icons was deleted, but the other remained. The second icon did not have the “X” I wanted. This was solved by a simple restart.

  1. Hold the Sleep/Wake buttons until “Slide to Power Off” appears.
  2. Slide the power icon to your right and wait for the device to turn off.
  3. After approximately 15 seconds, hold down the Sleep/Wake key to turn the device on again.

I wish the icon was gone, as it happened to me.

Resolution 3 – Restrictions

A restriction setting is another reason why there isn’t an “X”. This setting may have been accidentally forgotten.

  1. Open ” Setting
  2. Select ” General
  3. iOS12 and above: Choose ” screen time” > Content privacy & restrictions > content privacy > iTunes & App Store purchases. Choose ” General” > Restrictions in iOS 11.
  4. Set the password to restrict access.
  5. To make it allowable, change the setting ” Delete Apps” to ” Allow“.

After you have made sure that this setting is turned on, you should now be able remove apps without any problems.

Resolution 4 – Profile

You may have a profile that allows you to restrict certain functions on your device. This could be a profile that your school or employer has provided. You can often remove profiles from ” Settings“, > ” General“, > ” Profils“.

Contact the IT department if you are unable or unwilling to delete the profile.

Resolution 5 – Not All Apps are Removable

The X is also an Apple iOS app. Notes, Newsstand, and Calendar apps cannot be deleted. Other apps cannot be deleted from “Settings”, > “General”, > “Storage, iCloud usage”, under “Storage”, select “Manage” >”Select App”> “Delete App”.


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