October 1, 2023
Online Whiteboard for Real-time Collaboration

8 Best Online Whiteboard for Real-time Collaboration

When we think about meeting and team collaboration, everyone immediately thinks of a online whiteboard. A online whiteboard allows for team communication online. A whiteboard allows you to share files and display your personal presentations for explanation to colleagues. Even if all employees work remotely, this is not a problem. Employees can collaborate and brainstorm with others at all levels.

An Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard can be described as a white board that has been connected to either a projector, computer or both. The whiteboard can be controlled easily with a touch of your finger, pen or other tools. Remote operations can be performed by an online whiteboard.

What’s the purpose of an Online Whiteboard?

A whiteboard is essential for brainstorming sessions. A whiteboard is a great place to write down any ideas or thoughts that come up during a discussion.

Not every company needs to provide an office environment that includes a microphone, whiteboard, speakers, projector, and speakers. It is difficult and expensive to create a space that is cost-intensive when teams work remotely. You can replace the whiteboard real-life with an online one.

Not only are whiteboards useful for companies, but they also come in handy for online education. A whiteboard is a great tool for teachers who want to make teaching easy and seamless. It will be easy for students to use the whiteboard.

Let’s take a look at the top online whiteboards before we get to the best.

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Online Whiteboard Features

A high-quality whiteboard can enhance your real time collaboration experience. You can also draw and take notes, but they offer many more features than those that are common. These are some of the most important features to look for in an internet whiteboard:

  • Comment
  • Messaging
  • Sticky notes
  • Audio and video calling features
  • Smart shape recognition and image recognition
  • Multiple file formats allow for multiple saving options
  • Revision history and board version
  • Uploading files and images
  • Complete library of pre-made templates

Let’s take a look at the top online whiteboards that can help you improve your real-time collaboration.


Moqups allows you to share your whiteboard online using the visual collaboration tool. The interactive whiteboard will make team collaboration easy and seamless. Remote teams no longer need to worry about working with other teams in order to brainstorm ideas or make decisions.

It’s so simple to set up your whiteboard. Drag and drop allows you to easily add sticky notes and emojis as well as images, icons, images and annotations. Your team will be able to understand what you’re trying to communicate. Moqups’ user interface is intuitive and simple to use. You don’t need to learn anything when you can easily collaborate with everyone in just a few clicks.

Moqups can be used on browsers, iPads, Androids, and iOS devices. Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype are available. You can also preview the whiteboard. Export PDF, PNG and even links to online projects can be done directly.

You have many options for customizing templates that can be used to organize, strategize, and analyze your work. By creating boards or nested folders, you can organize all of the work.

Moqups can be used to host virtual workshops, manage agile workflow, share ideas with team members and organize brainstorming sessions.


Lucidspark can be used for team collaboration, especially if you work remotely. This virtual whiteboard allows employees to bring their best ideas to life, and it also helps improve teamwork. The canvas is large enough to allow for brainstorming and capture all your worthy ideas. You will be amazed at the flexibility and features that Lucidspark offers.

It is easy to build upon the thoughts of other employees. You can give feedback on different ideas displayed on the digital canvas. To build momentum, you can also use the collective ideas of your team to develop concrete steps.

Lucidspark Enterprise-Ready with full security and scaling capabilities for your business, Lucidspark can be used in any environment. You can integrate the tool with several other tools to enhance your experience and make it more seamless. These integrations will allow you to use your existing tools and work seamlessly with Lucidspark.

Lucidcharts can be prepared with a complete workflow that reflects the steps you have created. You can also use the templates to get a head start on your next collaboration meeting. Your collaboration shouldn’t be compromised by the online working model. Lucispark allows you to continue productive online working with your team members.


Miro provides everything you need for collaboration online and remote work. The intuitive interface makes it easy to collaborate online with your team via an online whiteboard. Miro’s infinite canvas allows you to pick the method you prefer to work with your team. Miro allows for endless collaboration.

Miro can help you host a weekly meeting or teach a class. You can also brainstorm virtually and document your meeting. Miro is a whiteboard that’s quick and easy to use. It makes collaboration simple from anywhere and any time.

There are many options for templates available. You can start your project with a blank whiteboard if you don’t want to use a pre-made template.

After you have selected the template that suits your needs, you can edit files , images and sticky notes . You can also add text and shapes with various presentation features. Invite other members to your whiteboard via email and Slack. You can give view-only permission to members if you’re teaching a class. This allows you to ensure that the teaching process is uninterrupted. You can view your fellow members’ boards if you have held a weekly discussion to discuss ideas.

You can also integrate with other tools to get all data from different platforms onto your whiteboard. Another feature that is amazing is the ability to digitize handwritten sticky note. With Stickies Capture you can snap a picture of your whiteboard and instantly convert it into a digital sticky note.

Explain Everything

As the name suggests, explain everything!

Explain Every Online whiteboard allows you to enhance your collaboration right from your browser. It’s easy to connect with your team and get your point across using the robust features. Invite anyone to join the whiteboard and you can communicate and collaborate with them.

The whiteboard allows you to record and annotate everything. You can also make presentations more fun by adding videos and photos to the whiteboard. Rich video feedbacks can be sent to help people better understand your message. Explain Everything can bring you together, regardless of whether you work on different floors or in completely different countries.

You can use it on any device, not just on the web platform. There are no limitations on devices. With Explain Everything, you can conduct interviews, present a sales pitch, conduct regular meetings and even conduct follow ups easily.


NoteBookCast allows you to create multi-platform whiteboards that are compatible with any modern web browser. The online whiteboard makes collaboration, sketching and taking notes easy and enjoyable. The best part is that you can save them for later use.

The whiteboard will allow you to show the others what you’ve written or drawn in real-time, whether you are conducting a meeting or a session live. It looks like everyone is talking face-to-face because of the amazing response. The whiteboard allows multiple users to simultaneously draw and write on it.

You can easily create templates once and then reuse them whenever you need them. You can create as many whiteboards you want by using these templates. You can use the same template for every meeting or teaching session if you only need to display a logo or text.

NoteBookCast has many integrated tools that allow for improved functionality. You will find useful tools such as a laser pointer and sticky notes. There are also chatting options, drawing forms, embedded text, and drawing shapes. Based on feedback from users, the developers continue to develop new tools.


Ziteboard works seamlessly on all devices and is web-based. It allows you to collaborate with others and have discussions via your phones, tablets, and laptops. It is optimized to work on both Google Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS devices and Mac.

Ziteboard allows users to add text, video web conference, voice, and other features than drawing. Ziteboard is able to create a group board for your company that allows you to collaborate. It is ideal for facilitating smooth meetings as well as interactive teaching sessions.

When you open Ziteboard, you get an endless white canvas. You can export the whiteboard as PDF files for sharing. You can also convert them directly to PNG or SVG files so that you can open the whiteboard image in Photoshop and Illustrator.

You can import PDF files and images directly onto the whiteboard to facilitate a meeting or presentation. Ziteboard’s most interesting feature is the ability to publish boards directly to the internet. The board will also be featured in presentation mode. The board can be viewed online by users, but they cannot edit or collaborate on it.

Ziteboard is the best option if you want to make changes to files, chat with colleagues on voice or video calls, and save whiteboards. Its features make it an ideal online collaboration tool.


Whiteboard.fi has been created especially for teachers and classrooms. This whiteboard is easy to set up because it allows you to instantly create a class and students can join directly via QR code, classroom link or the room code.

This whiteboard is ideal for teaching because each student will have their own whiteboard. They can use it to draw, write, and do math equations. Students won’t have access to any other students’ whiteboards. The teacher, on the other hand can see all whiteboards of students in real-time. The teacher can also provide instant feedback to students based upon their work.

This whiteboard can be used on any device without the need to install anything. It is possible to collaborate with another teacher to conduct the teaching session. All whiteboards can be saved in PDF format by clicking a few buttons. To make it easier for students, the teacher can push their whiteboards to them.


To get things done and to solve complicated problems together, you can log onto Sketchboard. This online whiteboard makes remote work enjoyable and interesting. An online whiteboard makes it easy to communicate and give feedback simultaneously.

This web whiteboard allows you to collaborate from anywhere and anytime. Sketchboard is a digital workspace that allows you to share your ideas and have discussions with others. You can choose from more than 400 sketches or automated connections. This makes it easy to share your ideas and collaborate. You can now easily make your vision a reality by writing them down on the whiteboard.

Sketchboard lets users integrate various tools like GitHub, Google Drive and Slack. By integrating your favorite tools and making them part of your collaboration process, you can make use of them. Integrations can make it easier to work smarter and save time.

This online whiteboard is perfect for software designs. All the visuals you need to communicate everything to your team members will be at your disposal. It is easy for everyone to understand and work together on a common goal by using a software design map.

Honorable Mention

Tutorialspoint Whiteboard

The Tutorialspoint whiteboard is a great option if you’re looking for an online whiteboard that has all the basics. The basic functions include adding images, text and drawing. You can also add annotations. This whiteboard is great for teaching students.

Last Thoughts

There are many recommendations for online whiteboards to help you collaborate in real-time. A whiteboard is the best investment in this virtual world.

You should take a look at all the features of a whiteboard before you decide to buy one. When remote forces are split, whiteboards can be a useful tool. These whiteboards are a great tool for adapting to transitions and continuing to work efficiently.

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