October 1, 2023
Online Virus Scanners for Files

7 Best Online Virus Scanners for Files

This is why many antivirus tools have been developed, including file scanners and online virus scanners. Internet is the main reason viruses and worms infect your computer. Malware remains the most serious web-based threat that poses huge risks to computers, especially when it is associated with the internet.

How do you know if the attachment you received by email or downloaded from an unknown website is safe from being tainted? Most likely, you would rely on the antivirus software that is installed on your computer to tell you if it is protected. Antivirus tools are not able to detect and prevent all viruses.

Each antivirus software is different so it would be difficult to review a suspicious file or folder that you downloaded from a dangerous web site with different antivirus. You can’t install multiple antivirus software on your computer. Or, worse, your computer would slow down due to clashes. The best online antivirus scanner is the answer to this problem.

What does it mean to use an online virus scanner?

An online antivirus scanner is basically a web-based service that anyone can use to scan documents and have them tested with various antivirus software. Simply visit the website, browse the document you wish to review, click the button to upload it, and then wait for the results.

The results will be displayed on your internet browser in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on the server load and speed.

Let’s say you suspect your device is infected with a virus but have not yet purchased any paid antivirus software. A free, internet-based virus scanner is available to help you quickly and easily scan your device for viruses.

Online virus scanners run on cloud servers so they won’t use your processor power. The servers are also faster than your PCs in terms of computation speed. Online virus scanners are the best choice for everyone.

Online Virus Scanning vs. Offline Antivirus Software

Antivirus was initially introduced only as an offline program. After many years of research, online scanners were introduced to the market to attract a new customer base that believes in space-saving technologies in the world of cloud-based technology.

Online scanners offer many advantages over traditional antivirus software. Take a look at these reasons.

No installation required

You will need to download and install offline antivirus software. This will take up a lot of storage space. Online virus scanners don’t require storage space. You can access them from your browser.

Basic scanning is free

An internet-based virus scanner is free. A web-based virus scanner takes no extra charges. Although the web-based virus scanner is completely free, it is understood that it will give limited results and users will not receive a complete examining bundle.

Get more frequent updates

An online virus scanner has many benefits. It is reliable, robust, and is updated more often. The web-based community that contributes to many open source software keeps it updated. Clients can now use modern web-based programming to address issues not previously covered.

Live threat assessment

Live checking for malware and viruses on any website you visit can be done by any online virus scanners. It can detect SQL queries that could cause harm to a user’s data.

Rapid and efficient

These online virus scanners run their processing on high-speed cloud servers. These servers are faster than any regular computer. An example: If a file measuring 18 GB takes 20 mins to scan on your computer using the offline antivirus program, an internet scanner may take 5 minutes to scan the same file. It might scan it with greater precision and efficiency.

Let’s now look at some of the most effective online virus scanners that you can use for scanning your files.


VirusTotal allows you to browse its information database by using one file, a URL or an IP adres, a site, or a file hash. VirusTotal has the largest range of tools, possibly the largest databases of malignant file and file signatures from various users.

In September 2012, Google acquired it. VirusTotal is a clear winner over its competitors, in terms of speed (because Google’s foundation), and having the engines for most antivirus.

It comes with URL filtering, free open API usage, URL filtering, a voting platform where users can also vote, many language preferences, additional data on the examined file, and several ways to send that file to VirusTotal (web or email), program expansions, work areas programs, versatile apps, and other ways to send it.


Internxt is one of the most user-friendly web-based antivirus scanning tools. Their website will allow you to upload suspicious files. You can also drag and drop the file to that section. Internxt uses its world-class technology to determine if your file has been corrupted.

You can also upload files up to 1 GB, which is another great feature of Internxt. Internxt has been trusted by more than 1,000,000 users for their privacy concerns. More than 30 institutions have also acknowledged their efforts with mentions and awards.

It is an online virus scanner. You can also upload and save photos to the cloud. You get 10GB storage free of charge and for life. Prices start at EUR 0.99/month for 20GB storage and go up to EUR 9.99/month for 2TB storage. This can be very useful for large businesses.

Kaspersky Opentip

We continue with Opentip another online virus scanner. It is made by Kaspersky, a well-respected company in the antivirus industry. This online scanner makes file scanning easy. First, upload your file to this section. It will then search all Kaspersky records for viruses and malware that have been collected from a large customer base.

You can upload and review records as large as 256 MB using this online scanner. It also supports target files via IPs, Hash or URLs. Although it’s simple, you may be interested in this service if Kaspersky antivirus is trusted and you need to inspect your files without any downloads or installation.

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Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti‘s user interface and design is quite outdated compared to other online viruses scanner sites. It can still do its job well. It’s completely free software so everyone can use it.

Upload maximum 5 files per time and limit storage to 250 MB per slot. Although it may seem a bit simplistic, it can be used to scan explicit documents such as installers from third-party websites and executable files, and then use it on your device.

It also uses 14 different antivirus software to scan your file for vulnerabilities. Jotti’s Malware Scan uses many popular scanners, including Avast and K-7. Bit Defender is another. The tool also always uses the latest versions of the scanners. To improve accuracy, you should remember that the tool shares your personal files with its partners in antivirus scanners.

Dr. Web

The Dr. The Dr. This scanner is great if you are looking for a simple solution. You can only support one file at a given time, with a maximum of 10 MB. You can only check multiple files at once. To do this, zip the files and then upload one zip file to review.

Once you’ve uploaded your file, click the Send button. A new window will open, showing the scan results. You can report False Positive results to their site if your file is found to contain a malicious virus. It also offers API that you can use to place their service on your site for no cost.

MetaDefender Cloud

MetaDefender a web-based tool that filters, dissects and analyzes documents, hashes and IP addresses. It’s very similar to Jotti’s Malware Scanning and VirusTotal. To scan a file, you simply need to upload it or enter an IP address.

It also provides a unique service for dissecting suspicious email. You can forward any suspicious mail to [email protected] for analysis purposes. You will get results that will help you decide whether or not the email is safe to be opened.

Strangely, OPSWAT (the organization that created MetaDefender) also offers news and reports on security and safety. Only you will be able to access reports on malware flare-ups and statistics about its related data. This site will scan your file with over 20 antivirus software and search for any potential threat, such as Avira, McAfee or BitDefender.

Hybrid Analysis

Hybrid Analy is an online program that identifies specific dangers and filters them for no cost. Bookmark it and use it before installing any antivirus software.

Upload a document up to 100 MB or insert the file path directly into the program window. To check if the program is safe to download, you can also paste a link from your browser. This is the best way to find out if a file is safe or not. You can click “Analyze” to finish.

Hybrid Analysis is a step ahead of the traditional online virus scanning process. The majority of online scanners in this article scan your files in any antivirus software, including Avira, McAfee and Avast.

Hybrid Analysis links your file to several online virus scanning tools like VirusTotal, MetaDefender and many others, which are safer and more secure than the alternatives. Hybrid Analysis also allows you to scan IPs, domains and hashes.


You can certainly download the most powerful antivirus software, but it will also cost you time and storage space. If you are only looking to scan a few files on your computer, an online antivirus scanner may be the best option.

Your computer’s files should be scanned for viruses and malware to keep it safe.

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